Our Mission!

By devoting ourselves to making the world more sustainable and fun, we have found a recipe to combine incentive travel, adventure and positive networking. We bring people together with big dreams and the eagerness to make our world a balanced place for all.

In our adventures we encourage to disconnect from the online world and connect to nature and likeminded people. That’s when magic happens! We like to release the inner child, dance under the stars, and just BE. It is this sense of adventure and outdoor activity that help our creative minds thrive. Adventure in nature frees the mind, resets, and it gives fresh perspectives on life. With our positive change elements and by doing this together, we can maximize our collective potential to create solutions for a challenging world that needs innovation and action now more than ever.

We see the combination of nature, inspiring experiences, and adventurous game-changers as the accelerator for creativity, social entrepreneurship and positive change.

Who are The insPirates?

We are Roline Prummel and Suzanne van der Veeken. We live to make life more adventurous, fun, and sustainable. Our journey so far has given us both a large international network in the world of adventure travel, sustainable development, conservation, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Individually we do just fine in our own extravagant adventure lifestyle. Though when you put us together, all energy, fun and achievements are multiplied by 100. As The insPirates we put this all wholeheartedly in the play game!

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Let’s unite and create positive impact for a better world!


In 5 words:

oceanpreneur, explorer, mermaid, environmentalist, incentivizer.

I’ve been slow travelling around the world for +10 years, while learning, advising and setting up projects, experiences and expeditions in relation to adventure travel, coastal and island sustainability, action sports and ocean conservation. I’ve worked with tourism businesses (adventure, action sports and incentive travel), governments, research centers, and NGOs in both developed and developing countries. I have one constant in my life: the calling of the ocean, which I actively explore through freediving and sailing. My hitch-sailing, freedive, ocean and island exploration have shown me the magnitude of the challenges our world, and the ocean in particular, is facing. I feel more responsible and motivated than ever to turn the tide.


In 5 words:

energetic, challenger, empathic, adventurer, solution-focused.

I have a track record in business transformation and marketing technology. With a proactive and interpersonal attitude, I am particularly adept at translating and motivating market opportunities for social entrepreneurship into business strategies/ developments and vice versa. I challenge people, parties and myself to step out of the imaginary comfort zones to turn ideas into reality. I want to make a difference and hope others will see me as an accessible new-thinker who is always in for serious fun. I have worked, lived and traveled the globe and I am dedicated to experience much more out there, with other troubadours!

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