The insPirates SAIL flotilla 2016, Ionian sea, Greece

Take a break from the laptop, get unplugged, free your mind, connect with others, get fresh perspectives on life, explore local culture, reset and refocus, PLAY, discover places you cannot reach from land, network and team up, immerse in nature and get active in the crystal clear blue water.

Be Inspirate!

We are HAPPY to connect those with a drive for adventure, social entrepreneurship and outdoor action in a natural playground. Together with you we want to talk BIG and BOLD on how to build our legacy. We believe that by bringing together beautiful souls with adventure spirits, big dreams and eagerness to make our world a balanced planet for all, magic will happen. Together we can create more fun, more meaning, and more impact. So let’s unite!

If reading this gives you that passionate ‘YES’ spark in your eye, we would like to here from you!

Connections on a yacht go deeper in 1 day than weeks on land and years online.

We aim for multiple sailing yachts to maximize the fun, networking and synergy. For 7 days you can experience the sailing lifestyle, be truly submerged into nature, sea life and deep conversations, literally and figurally with the like-minded in the same boat.

Become part of a unique network. This is a bright mix of digital nomads, entrepreneurs, creatives, humble innovators and sportive thrill-seekers. All with a likeminded drive for adventure, entrepreneurship and change.

Within the event we will have Positive Change gatherings, activities and actions like: inspirational talks, adventures, workshops, contests, clean ups, and tools to get the maximum out of this special gathering.

This is not just a sailing trip. It’s a FLOTILLA: a fleet of sailing yachts doing the same island hopping route, anchor and moor together to maximize the fun, networking and synergy.

We will visit a different harbor/anchorage every day for maximum exploration and inspiration. Pre-explored by insPirates Roline & Suzanne.

Sports Activities: snorkeling, SUP, sailing, hiking, and optionally: scuba diving, freediving, mountain biking, kayaking, yoga.


27 August – 3 September


Ionian Sea, Greece


Harbour of Lefkada

Price = Euro 950

This Includes:

Organization & program

Inclusion in The insPirates community

Licensed and experienced Flotilla Captains

Local support at every destination

VAT, gas, water (for shower & dishes)

A berth (bed) in & shared cabin

A set of linen & towels

All harbour fees

End cleaning

It is a super opportunity to get natured, reset, and connect with likeminded people/planet minded adventurers.

Who’s coming?

We have teamed-up with like-minded troops with a drive for adventure, entrepreneurship and change. Happy to unite, collaborate and make this first The inSpirates Sail Flotilla a success with our partners:

remoteyear  imadventures  IonionSails

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