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The insPirates

What/who are The insPirates?

We, Suzanne van der Veeken and Roline Prummel, are two adventurers that aim to foster environmental and social change through organizing adventures in nature. We want to make the world more adventurous, sustainable and fun. And involve like-minded insPirates, YOU?

Why do you organize these adventures?

We see the combination of nature, inspiring experiences, and adventurous game-changers as an accelerator for creativity, entrepreneurship, and positive change. On our adventures we will let the magic happen.

There are many individuals and organizations with great sustainable, cultural, and socially- engaged ideas, initiatives, and businesses. We want to bring together these bold, courageous, game-changing thinkers. Because together, united, we can encourage and implement positive change in all sorts of urgent ways. Our unique adventures in nature will provide a fruitful playground for accelerating positive impact.

How can I join an insPirates adventure?

By letting us hear from you! Apply for our Greece adventure or send us a message. We are always on the lookout for other adventurers with a bold mindset and entrepreneurial spirit.

Am I the right person to join your event?

Do you have a drive for adventure, social entrepreneurship and outdoor action? Than yes, let’s connect! We like to bring together people with all sorts of backgrounds, but all with a likeminded passion and purpose to make this world a better place. Together we can have more meaning, more impact and have more fun while acting. So let’s unite!

Can I get work done on your events?

We do not organize co-working events. During our events we like to get unplugged from the online world, and other work related stimuli. Our events are to incentivize! Most time we have 3G coverage as well and tavernas have wifi. But believe us, a disconnection from the laptop and online feeds will get you fully focused and energized after this adventure.

I can’t come to your Greece sail event. When will be the next one?

After our kick-off adventure we will publish the dates for our next inspirate-ional event.  Leave your e-mail to be the first to know.

Greece sail event details

Why a sailing event?

This way you will get a super opportunity to truly submerge into nature, sea life and deep conversations, figurally and literally with the likeminded on the same boat. Connections on a yacht go deeper in 1 day, than weeks on land and years online.

How does a day during this adventure looks like?

Apart from the chemistry of insPirates on board, we will sail to another harbour or anchor every day. Usually in the morning and early afternoons we have sailing time. In the afternoon, evenings and early morning we have the opportunity to explore the island by foot or fins. Freedom is happiness. Everyone is free to do what they want and can optionally engage in the gatherings and activities. In the evenings we go local in the taverna culture and can show off dance moves in the local disco or chill out on our deck and just watch the stars.

What sportive activities can I expect to do?

First of all: sailing! Besides that it will be possible to snorkel, SUP, and hike. Extra we can arrange scubadive, freedive, mountain bike, kayak or yoga session.

What Positive Change activities can I expect to do?

Expect to attend inspirational talks, adventures, workshops, contests, clean ups, and tools to learn and to share.

Why in the Ionion Sea of Greece?

The Greek Ionian islands have some of the most beautiful beaches and clearest turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Not just that, with ancient Greek sites, secluded anchorages, caves and cliffs, beautiful nature and wildlife, Greek taverns, local markets, island style living and delicious Mediterranean cuisine, the exploration potential is enormous. We personally explored the region by sailing boat last year. Since it was beyond expectation we cannot wait to go again :).

Is it all safe what we are doing?

Yes. Security is our first priority. Our captains are local Greek certified professionals and are well-known in the Ionian Sea, all the harbours and anchors, including the best places to eat and dance. Together with them we do our best to make this adventure awesome.

Is there wifi on board?
There is very limited bandwidth as we will be out at sea, this will only be used for emergencies. There will be WIFI on the islands but we promise you will find a better connection with nature!
Do you have adventure and action ideas if I want to extend my holiday?

For (wannabe) kitesurfers. 2 Km from the arrival/departure harbour is Milos beach, a great kitesurfing spot and chill out which also has accommodation right on the beach. August/September are the top wind months. Or volunteer in one of the refugee camps. Greek has currently 50.000 refugees and mostly in the islands resources are very limited to cope with it. Contribute your skills.

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