Ionian Adventure 2016 : 27th Aug – 3th Sept

Are you interested to join our SAIL flotilla? Are you passionate about adventure, entrepreneurship and positive change, than we would love to hear from you! Please feel in the application form.


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Spot will only be confirmed when we have 1. approved your application and 2. received (proof of) down payment. Prices INCLUDES: organization & program, inclusion in The Inspirates community, licensed and experienced sailboat Captains, local support at every anchorage, VAT, gas, water (for shower & dishes), dinghy boat, linen & towels (1set/person), harbour fees, and end cleaning. Price does not include food and drinks. Be happy with that. Food will be arranged per boat as a team. We will have plenty of opportunity for grocery shopping, a Greek frappé, and eating out at local taverns. This is part of the fun and sailing lifestyle. We give you plenty of tips for this and together with the locals we have selected the places to be for local cuisine.

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