The insPirates

Our presence in today’s playground is just temporary. Our impact will last. So we better make it a good one!  

– BE insPirate –

The insPirates

The insPirates unite people with a spirit of adventure and a drive for entrepreneurship in sustainable innovations. How? By blending these game-changers with nature, inspiring experiences and outdoor play. Together we can have more fun, more meaning and more impact. So let’s unite!

Adventure Time

The insPirates SAIL Flotilla 2016

27 August – 3 September | Ionian Sea, Greece

This summer we kick-off with a sail adventure! With a fleet of sailing yachts we island hop, play, and explore the outdoor. Together, with people/planet minded adventurers, we foster and initiate ideas, and team up for positive change.  It is an opportunity to disconnect from the online world, immerse in nature, get energized and challenged for personal growth and collective positive impact…

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